For nearly three years our televisions were home to a little show called Veronica Mars: a darkly funny noir drama about murder mysteries, family, friendships, pain, romance, betrayal, justice, love... and so many other things it's difficult to put into words. For so many viewers VM was really about feelings - the feelings we had when watching the stories unfold, the feelings we had when discussing it with friends, family, loved ones.

Over the years VM never achieved the ratings success of other programs, but it did manage to entertain, move, and inspire while bringing together a fiercely loyal group of fans. People who grew to love the weekly stories about smart-ass Veronica, her P.I. dad Keith, her moral compass of a best friend Wallace, and her sometimes enemy and sometimes love Logan. Compelling stories about justice, revenge, loyalty and so much more. Weevil, Lilly, Cassidy, Mac, Dick, Duncan, Meg, Aaron, Jake, Lamb, Weidman, Alicia, Vinnie, Cliff: all characters fans got to love or hate for three seasons, and for that we're so grateful.

We here at would like to send out a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who had a hand in creating such an amazing show: Rob Thomas, all of his writing staff, the talented cast, the amazing crew. We'll miss Veronica Mars terribly, but we want you to know that we've enjoyed our time in Neptune, CA, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

And to our fellow fans: whether you became hooked after the very first episode aired back in September of 2004 or are actually a recent convert - we'd like to tell you that it's been a wonderfully fun, sometimes frustrating, ultimately rewarding experience being a fan of this show with you. VM DVD sets donated to libraries, postcards mailed, flyers handed out, stickers made, and airplanes flown over network headquarters - all of it was fun. Some of us have even created real friendships because of this show, and that's something to be cherished in and of itself. So enjoy your DVD sets - maybe share them with someone who never had the opportunity to watch this lovely little show. Maybe get one last momento. As for us forgetting how much we loved Veronica Mars? We could never.

"If I ever die, do me a favor?
Go on Oprah and tell the world that I loved kittens."

- Veronica Mars

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