Cloud Watchers Cafe Press Shop

In December and January, our Cafe Press shop raised
$3000 for the S2 VM DVD Drive!

As of Tuesday January 23, 2006 we have closed up shop. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the store's success, and in turn Cloud Watchers campaigns, both designers and shoppers. (That goes double if you're both!) We had fun while it lasted, but now it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program.

The designers who so graciously offered their work for the cause may now choose to sell items for profit. Check back here for links to their personal shops.

Go to Para Designs to buy "Enjoy Logan," "18 - It's Legal "Your Trellis is a Whore," and "Epic Story" items. You can also get yourself an "I take mine noir" mug.

Go to TV Whore Swag for "Ask me About my STD," "I heart Dick Casablancas," and 09er code products. You can also pick up a few of the Everwood items that used to be in our store while you're there.

Go to Neptune and Mars to buy Echolls Alpaca Farm, "It's Moosetastic," Hearst College soccer, Hearst College est. 1928, Zeta Beta Theta, and Pi Sigma Sigma shirts.

Go to Tautology to buy Mars Investigations, Hearst Crest, Periodic Table of VM, and "I Take Mine Noir" products.

Go to Maka Designs to buy Neptune Pirates, Veronica's Bakery, Weevil's Chop Shop, Visit Neptune and other items.

Go to Guard Girl's shop to buy "Chicks Dig Argyle" and "Your Wish is my Shift Command" products.

Check the Sales Report to find out just how much money this little shop made for the VM DVD Drive for Libraries.