Veronica Mars Library DVD Drive Headquarters

Thank you again to every single fan who has donated time, money, creativity, DVDs, and support to this campaign and thank you to every librarian who has put Veronica Mars on the shelves so that fans of quality television might discover and fall in love our favorite private detective.

When we started this DVD Drive for Libraries back in May of 2006, we had no idea how successful it would be. But I think we can safely call this a success. Thanks your personal donations and the money raised from two raffles and sales in our online merchandise store, we were able to donate 500 sets of Season One on DVD and 100 copies of Season Two to libraries in all 50 States and in the Top 100 Nielsen markets.

Get Involved!

Right now we have switched our efforts to promoting the series in major markets, but that doesn't mean that you can't still join the DVD Drive. Call you local public or university library and ask them if they stock TV shows on DVD. If the do, tell them that you would love to give them a copy of "Veronica Mars: The Complete First (or Second) Season" (or both) on DVD. Head over to the store with the best sale, buy the DVDs, and hand them to that very savvy librarian. Then send an email to so that we can add your donation to the list and your name to the acknowledgements page.