Fansites: Helpful & Fun!

Below is a list of links to fan created websites that we like. Be aware, however, that since these sites have been created by fans who've already been watching the show for the past two and a half seasons there is a possibility that you might stumble upon some spoilers just by navigating their sites. If you don't want to know who killed Lilly Kane, or even who Veronica might or might not be dating, tread lightly. If you want to know it all NOW, you certainly can...

General Catch You Up Links

  1. Mars is probably the most extensive and organized of the fansites. pretty much covers everything you'd want to know about the show. Really. Character bios, events timeline, interviews with cast and crew, etc.
  2. Television Without Pity's VM Forum is a very active message board. They have a rather extensive VM FAQ, so if you're shy, your question might already be answered there. Also check TWoP's newbie thread. (Note: using abbreviations to refer to episodes is common in online forums, so we made this handy dandy cheat sheet for you.)
  3. has screen captures from every aired episode of VM so far. If you're catching up simply by reading online recaps, you could at least put still photos to the scenes you're reading about.

For Fun Links

  1. The Official Veronica Mars MySpace Profile offers exclusive video clips, links to podcasts from the writers/producers, contests to win swag from the set, and a sassy little Veronica impersonation. (Logan, Mac, Wallace, Weevil, Parker, Piz, Dick and Lamb have official in-character pages as well.)
  2. Neptune Pirate Radio is the first and only fan-run VM-lovin' podcast. These fangirls and boy break the episodes down, discuss ratings and viewer reactions, interview the cast and crew whenever they can, and generally have a great time.
  3. Neptune Online is a fan-produced blog about pop culture and real world topics written from the perspective of VM characters (S2 + 3 only). If you read the installments chronologically as you are catching up, you should remain spoiler-free. And they are very funny, so please, for the sake of your keyboard, do not drink soda or coffee while reading.
  4. Veronica Radio streams songs used on the show 24/7.

Actor & Character Specific Links

  1. Kristen Bell Online has summaries of all VM episodes along with pics of the actress in each epi.
  2. Enrico Colantoni Fansite has some good photos and an exclusive interview with the man who plays Veronica's dad, (in which he mentions our plane stunt!) Nice. VM episode guide to come.
  3. has an extensive video clip section. Many key scenes that include the character of Logan are on this site.
  4. Michael Muhney's Official Website has pics from personal appearances as well as information on Michael's past and current projects. Look down in the bottom left corner for a link to Rack of Lamb, a very active community for actor and the character he plays on VM, Sheriff Don Lamb.
  5. Something is an entire site dedicated to a particular on-again/off-again couple. Extensive video clips, but beware of spoilers. Sometimes pics from upcoming episodes will be posted on the site and you might not want even the slightest clue of what's to come. You've been warned.