Are You a Librarian?

Want A Set of VM DVDs for Your Library?

As fans of Veronica Mars, we are eager to get this amazing show out to as many new viewers as possible. Currently, we have donated over 600 new, official DVD sets to libraries all over the U.S. and we are hoping that your library will be interested in shelving the show as well.

  • Time Magazine called VM: "one of the six best dramas on TV." 
  • TV Guide named it: "The Best Show You're Not Watching." 
  • The American Film Institute nominated it for the "2005 TV Program of the Year," award.
  • Rob Thomas, the show's creator, is a noted Young Adult author whose books many systems already have in their collections.

If you would like Season One or Season Two DVD sets for your library:

All we ask is that each library confirm that the set will be placed into circulation, (rather than being sold by the Friends of the Library). It is our goal to raise awareness of this fantastic series while supporting local library systems.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, and can confirm that you will circulate the set, please email us at with the proper contact name and address for shipping.

While we cannot guarantee that all requests will be filled, we have set a deadline to purchase and donate as many copies as we can by May 1, 2006. We will add your branch to our list of confirmed libraries, then as soon as a sale arrises, your library will be kept in mind.

Please visit the Reactions portion of our website to read quotes from other satisfied librarians. And if you need more reasons to stock Veronica Mars, visit the Kudos section for what critics and famous fans have to say about the show.