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AOL: TV (United Kingdom): SAVE OUR SHOWS: Veronica Mars - Campaigns involving DVD box sets being sent to libraries, and a plane pulling a banner pleading for renewal, saw this likeable teenage private investigator show being recommissioned for a third series.

Media Life Magazine: The campaign to save 'Veronica Mars' - Last weekend the group hired professional street teams in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago to distribute 30,000 fliers advertising the series' return, and Cloud Watchers in other towns took to the streets themselves to hand out flyers. The CW has not made an announcement either way on "Mars," but current speculation is that it will be canceled. Cloud Watchers Gaby Allen of Allentown, Pa., Sarah Johnson of Chicago, Anita Nallathamby of Denver, Anna Smith of Atlanta, Kelley Spada of Los Angeles and April Zeisler from Portland, Ore., spoke with Media Life about the "Mars" campaign and its chance at renewal.

UGO: Who Will Save the Endangered Series - Some of the most elaborate displays of fan support aren't enough to keep their shows afloat - the gesture made on behalf of Everwood, a full-size ferris wheel erected near the CW's offices, could not bring the show back from the dead. Will the grassroots efforts by Veronica Mars' fans be enough to save its neck? We'll find out in May... Veronica Mars: Fans Take to the Streets - Love or hate Veronica Mars, you have to admit that the series has some of the most devoted fans ever. Rather than simply using petitions and letter-writing campaigns to convince the network to renew their show, they've gotten truly creative and, more importantly, work to give the network what it wants -- viewers.

TV Guide Editors' Blogs: Mission to (Save) Mars Has Fans Taking a Flyer - The plucky folks who at this time last year hired a plane to fly a "Renew Veronica Mars" banner over what was then the WB network HQ are keeping their feat on the ground this upfront season, as the Neptune gang face their most formidable pick up yet. Hoping to goose the ratings for the show's Tuesday, May 1 return (from a way-too-long, Pussycat Dolls-induced hiatus), the gang at have enlisted professional flyer-hander-outers to remind peeps in the top four TV markets to tune in. Elsewhere in the USA, fans are urged to dispense the FYIs in their hometowns. Just don't litter, or Sheriff Keith will have to summons ya.

TV Blend: Veronica Mars Fans Take To The Streets To Save The Series Once Again - Those pesky "Veronica Mars" fans are at it again! Last year when the show was in danger of cancellation, an internet fan group called Cloud Watchers hired a plane to fly over the CW network headquarters carrying a banner which stated simply "Renew Veronica Mars." The show was indeed renewed for a third season. Once again, "Mars" is in jeopardy of being dropped by the network after the third season ends and with that, Cloud Watchers has returned in full force. This time rather than begging the network to show mercy on "Mars" once more, the group is hoping to boost the ratings for the final five episodes by papering a handful of major cities with flyers encouraging people to watch the show.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Save My Show - And that's just what Cloud Watchers, the group that organized on the Internet and arranged for last spring's airplane, is trying to do this year for its darling, Veronica Mars.

"A flyer campaign is our main campaign this year," Gaby Allen, a student at Cedar Crest College in Allentown and member of Cloud Watchers, said in an e-mail interview. "A professional street team has been hired to distribute 30,000 flyers - 10,000 each in Los Angeles and New York and 5,000 each in Chicago and Philadelphia - the last weekend of April, promoting the stand-alone mysteries that the show will have when it returns May 1."

So far in its efforts to save
Veronica, the group has raised about $50,000 in donations and through the sale of Mars clothing and tchotchkes, Allen said. "I'm still kind of stunned about how much has been accomplished."

She said fans could download the flyer themselves (at, but that the group felt individuals might have a limited impact. "That's why the street team has been hired to help in those top four Nielsen markets."

Just because they're TV freaks doesn't mean they're unsophisticated.

Kevin's Writing Creative Non-Fiction Blog: They Don't Call 'Em "Fanatics" For Nothing - Fans of Veronica Mars, another show continually in danger of being chopped, formed a group called Cloud Watchers, who hired a plane to fly a banner reading "RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!"

Starry Constellation Magazine: Hard Luck (interview with Jason Dohring) - Q. What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A. I am a huge fan of fans and it is so fantastic when they write in; I love that. You get real feedback and it's inspiring to keep on your game and keep trying. I am so glad that they are so into it and I think we'd be done if it weren't for the fans. They are flying banners over the network; which is unbelievable. I don't think stuff like that has been done and I think to pick our show; I think we were so excited at the start of it. I didn't think anyone was watching at the beginning, we were just in San Diego shooting, all of a sudden fans started watching and making comments. It was almost our little niche show and all of a sudden we had this niche audience that was really into what we were doing. I think that because we were so into it as a cast, really making sure it was good, I think that was very interesting to people. It was like our attention to that was noticed and I just thank these guys very, very much.

Geek Monthly: Kristen Bell: Goddess of Mars - When it was announced that UPN, the home of Mars for its first two seasons, and The WB were merging to form The CW, the Cloud Watchers did everything from hiring a plane to fly over the former UPN headquarters with a banner reading, "RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006" to delivering 500 Mars Season 1 DVD sets to libraries in all 5O states and in the Top 100 Nielsen markets.

iMedia: Fans and Brands: Building the Team -The folks, they go by the name 'Cloud Watchers.' At the end of the season last year, when we were waiting to hear if we were going to get picked up, they actually hired an airplane to fly across the city [with a message asking the CW to renew the show]. It was really cool-- it just showed how committed the fans are to it.

Access Atlanta: Sassy 'Veronica Mars' ready to resume sleuthing - What's at stake: This was last season's lowest-rated show to get renewed, but it got a new lease on life, thanks in part to its rabid fan base, one that even paid for a plane to fly a banner with the words "Save Veronica Mars" over the CW offices.

M-net: Cloud Watchers - Veronica Mars is a show with a dedicated following. In fact, communities of Veronica Mars fans have developed all over the Internet. One such group, calling themselves the Cloud Watchers have committed themselves to promote the show, to the extent that they hired a plane to fly to Los Angeles, pulling a banner that said, "RENEW VERONICA MARS!"

Los Angeles Times: High 'Wire' act (Link to editorial no longer active) - And "The Wire" is hardly the first program to inspire a fervent following (fans of "Veronica Mars" actually rented a small airplane that towed a "Renew Veronica Mars" banner over the studio in a campaign to save it).

TV Guide Editors' Blogs: Mars Attacks Kindly Librarians - The Veronica Mars DVD Drive for Libraries, a charitable enterprise organized by (a fan group formed to help land the teen crime solver a new home on CW), has to date donated more than 400 sets of the series' Season 1 DVD to libraries in all 50 states, representing a retail value of nearly $25,000. The effort has been welcomed by librarians, even the "naughty ones" who hide behind those prim hair buns and granny glasses and pretend to talk about the Dewey Decimal System but are really hinting at... um, I digress.

TV Blend: Veronica Mars Fans Donate DVDs To Promote The Show - The 'Veronica Mars' online fan club is at it again. The website has been organizing a campaign to help get and keep 'Veronica Mars' on the air. Back in May,, run by a group known as "The Cloud Watchers" got a banner flown over the UPN offices in LA demanding that the new CW network keep the show on the air. The show did get picked up for 13 episodes but that wasn't enough for die-hard "VM" fans. How the Internet Saved TV Show Veronica Mars - They rallied; a group of sarcastic, overly-intellectual 20-something warriors with a great deal of disposable income and time on their hands. Veronica brought them together - like Athena in a mini-skirt. It was time to fight.

TV Blend: The Clicker Takes Notice Of The Internet's Role In Television - Veronica Mars gets saved after fans rallied on the internet and basically demanded that the new CW network keep the show – whole websites got together and campaigned for the show. They flew a banner over the network headquarters and sent letters and gifts to the network in a desperate but effectual attempt to save the show. This kind of campaigning never would've been possible without the internet to unite the fans. The ratings alone weren't enough to hold the show up and had it not been for the fan's vocal enthusiasm, 'Veronica Mars' may have gone the same route as shows like 'My So Called Life.' 'Freaks and Geeks' and other shows that, despite their loyal fans, were cut off way before their time.

STLtoday: Faithful viewers seek to influence fate of shows (Link no longer active) - Fearing that "Veronica Mars" wouldn't make the cut for the CW, its fans hired an airplane last spring to pull a pro-"Veronica" banner over the network's headquarters.

The Age: Hard boiled high - ...and one group of fans hired a plane to fly over the production lot with the banner RENEW VERONICA MARS. It worked.

Austin American-Statesman: Austin creator Rob Thomas' "Veronica Mars" could thrive on CW - "Veronica Mars" is the darling of critics and beloved by a fervent, but small group of fans. But when UPN and the WB merged, the fate of "Veronica" was again up in the air. Fans in Los Angeles were so anxious they rented a plane to fly over the network with a banner pleading for renewal.

MovieHole: The last stand for "Everwood"? - Everwoodians have formed a quid pro quo relationship with the Cloud Watchers, Veronica Mars fans who flew a plane over the UPN and CW offices to get their show renewed. Through the Cloud Watcher's Cafe Press store, Everwood related merchandise is being sold with all proceeds benefiting the Everwood campaign, and their sales assisting the Cloud Watchers.

Houston Chronicle: Destination Mars (Link no longer active) - There's no doubt that the series has a small but rabid fan base. In May, when it wasn't clear that the show would be renewed, diehards raised funds to fly a plane carrying a "Save Veronica Mars" banner over CW's Hollywood headquarters.

IGN: Veronica Mars Season 3: Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas Talk - Q: What do you have to say to the people who rented the plane with the sign [to encourage The CW to renew the series]?

Kristen Bell: I think that it's really crazy and really awesome that they would go to those lengths. I think that a lot of our fans have gone to unbelievable lengths to show their appreciation for the show. And they are smart; there's no one that's dumb that watches Veronica Mars. I mean, you have to pay attention. But they were sending letters to the network. It wasn't like they were just doing the word-of-mouth. The bloggers are pretty much the reason we've gotten a lot of the numbers. I think that we're all extremely thankful, extremely thankful to the lengths that they have gone to. It wasn't me, if that's what you were asking!

Q: For someone out of the loop, could you tell me what is the plane thing that he was referring to?

Rob Thomas: Fans did one of those planes with the banner flying behind it. And they did it in Los Angeles, which was a shame, because the network brass was already in New York by this point. Though, I think they got word about it that it suggested they keep Veronica Mars on The CW.

MSNBC: "Veronica Mars" stays in orbit - Bell and Thomas were also asked about the fans who hired a plane to fly between UPN's old headquarters and the CW's new ones carrying a banner that read "Renew Veronica Mars CW 2006." (Thomas noted, however, that network brass were in NY, not LA, when the plane flew.) Bell called the actions "crazy and really awesome," and noted that "there's no one that's dumb who watches 'Veronica Mars'. "

Philadelphia Inquirer: Save-our-show stunt appeals to CW chief (Link no longer active) - "These fans are so passionate," [Dawn Ostroff] bragged yesterday. "The 'Veronica Mars' fans hired a plane to fly over my office."

Seattle PI: Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas hope The CW switch solves the mystery of why "Veronica Mars" hasn't caught on. - But "Veronica's" fans are such a loyal crew that they rented a plane to fly a "save our show" message by The CW's offices.

Enrico Colatoni Fansite: My Breakfast with Enrico Colatoni - that whole banner thing. That's enough to make Dawn Ostroff go, I love this show as much as you guys do, she's thinking, so yeah that's all I need.

Spin Magazine: On the cover - Kristen Bell is the TV sleuth with an Internet Army and a big future on the big screen. (That's us, guys!)

TV Blend: The Clicker Acknowledges The Evolution Of The Teen Drama Series - Some fans even went so far as to have a banner flown over CW headquarters just to make sure execs knew the show was wanted. Their voices were heard and the show is set to air on the CW Network this fall.

TV Week: Back to Mars - A few months ago, when the show's future lay perilously in the balance, a group of rabid fans in the US hired a plane to fly through the skies above the show's American network offices, towing a sign that read, "Renew Veronica Mars". Thankfully, their brazen stunt seems to have paid off - and a third season has now been commissioned.

The News & Advance: TV fans have some influence - ...A group of fans put their money where their mouths were and hired a plane - pulling a banner that read "RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!"... Everwood comes to an end - A similar trick was used for the renewed Veronica Mars--fans hired a biplane to fly a banner over an LA freeway at rush hour.

Entertainment Weekly: R.I.P. The WB (Link no longer active) - After frantic Veronica Mars fans flew a banner over L.A., The CW picked up the drama.

MediaWeek: The Programming Insider - To the fans of Veronica Mars who came up with the cash to run a banner ad asking the CW to save the beloved drama, nice job…it worked!

IGN: Veronica Mars Renewed by CW - In the meantime, the extremely dedicated Veronica fandom did all they could to insure the series would be renewed, including flying a banner over the offices of UPN and The CW in support of the show.

Times Online : Viewers revolt to keep axed shows on TV - of a threatened high school series called Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell, collected money to hire a plane and tow a protest banner over the house of Dawn Ostroff, the network president who was considering dropping the show.

Philadelphia Inquirer: CW network sets its first fall lineup (Link no longer active) - It may not have hurt that a ga-ga group of fans paid a reported $7,500 to rent airplane advertising ("Renew Veronica Mars! CW 2006!") and fly it over CW headquarters. (Jonathan Storm did apologize to us for the incorrect dollar amount and told us VM is his second favorite show.)

TV Guide: My First Upfront - Seeing a photo of the banner plane that Veronica Mars fans had sent over Dawn Ostroff's office. She definitely took note.

yourTV: Mars orbits LA - Obsessed fans of Veronica Mars have taken their love of the teen drama to new heights - literally. To boost the show's chances of being renewed for a third season, three fans hired a plane to fly over Los Angeles during peak hour and promote the series.

Miami Herald: Not much new in fall lineups for Fox, CW (Link no longer active) - Veronica Mars fans actually hired planes to buzz Ostroff's office towing banners demanding she save it.

LA Daily News: A new way to get you fix of teen drama, wit (Link no longer active) - Though "Veronica Mars" has struggled to find an audience, Ostroff pointed to the passion of the critical darling's fan base including the fact that fans hired a plane to fly a banner over the network requesting the show's renewal and the chance to pair it with The WB's compatible "Gilmore Girls" on Tuesday evenings.

E-Online: CW Puts "Gilmore Girls" on "Mars" (Link no longer active) - ...last week, worried Veronica fans even took to the skies, in the form of an airplane-toted banner ad, to make a plea for the future of the teen sleuth.

WFAA: The CW dawns (Link no longer active) - Veronica Mars, beneficiary of a concerted "Save Our Show" campaign, will be paired with Gilmore Girls on Tuesdays.

The Associated Press: New CW Network Revives '7th Heaven' (Link no longer active) - Ostroff was the target of a heavy lobbying campaign by fans who wanted to see their series survive, including some who rented an airplane to fly a sign over CW headquarters urging that "Veronica Mars" be kept on the air. Those fans succeeded; the show will air Tuesday nights following "Gilmore Girls." Veronica lives, Everwood axed - Last week, intrepid fans of UPN's Veronica Mars took to the skies in an effort to keep their cult favorite alive. Maybe it worked, because the CW renewed the teenage detective series and may pair it with Gilmore Girls.

Variety: New net looks familiar - The "Veronica Mars" pickup is sure to warm the hearts of the show's tiny but rabidly loyal fan base, which took to renting planes and sending large care packages to CW Entertainment prexy Dawn Ostroff in hopes of saving the show.

San Diego Union Tribune: 'Mars' fans putting up a flight - If "Veronica Mars" fans can't get their favorite girl detective a spot on the new CW network's fall schedule, it won't be for lack of trying.

Television Without Pity: Leave It To Beavil - Totally awesome. I'm glad that, according to media reports, the efforts haven't gone unnoticed, and you guys deserve a huge pat on the back.

E-Online: Veronica Mars - Kristen Bell Interview!! (Link no longer active) - That's why we love 'em! 'Cause they're crazy! 'Cause they think! Whose show does that?! Our show! We have the best fans in the world.

Digital Spy: Fans rally to save 'Veronica Mars' from axe - Diehard Veronica Mars fans have launched an airborne campaign in an attempt to save the show from the axe.

Wall Street Journal: Corrections & Amplifications: A page-one article on May 13 about fan efforts to save shows from cancellation incorrectly said the group spent $4,000 on the plane and incorrectly implied the banner read "Don't be a dope: Renew Veronica Mars.. (Original article: 'Veronica Mars' Fans Have So Many Ways To Say They Love Her.)

TV Guide: Podcast

TV Guide: Graduation Day - Oh, and thanks to the nice Veronica fans who sent me the cute Hearst hat and T-shirt. I hope your plan works!

Seattle PI: Update: Cloud Watchers flight delayed - And then, let's assume that people in Los Angeles are reading this at the precise moment that they realize, "Say, isn't a plane that has a banner about saving 'Veronica Mars' supposed to be flying between the UPN and the CW buildings today?" Fans hope Mars lands on Earth - ...Today, a group of Mars fans is attempting a novel tactic to express their love for the show...

Media Life Magazine: Taking to the air over 'Veronica Mars' - Today an airplane visible from the 405 freeway between Wilshire Boulevard and the 101 will fly over Los Angeles during peak commuter hours towing a banner that reads: "Renew Veronica Mars! CW 2006!" Atlanta's Anna Smith, Boston's Kelley Spada and Chicago's Mark Israel, fans of the show who post on the TV fansite Television Without Pity, helped organize the stunt. They talk with Media Life about "Mars" chances for renewal, how they raised money to hire the plane, and why they decided against a skywriting campaign.

AintItCool: Herc Gives Five Stars To UPN's Last VERONICA MARS Ever!!

E-Online: Watch with Kristin (Link no longer active) - When asked about the fans who rented the plane to save VM, Kristen Veitch replied, How effing cool is that?

MediaWeek: The Programming Insider - Taking my research hat off for a moment, I do hope my prediction is wrong. And I admire the gusto of the countless fans of Veronica Mars who have tried to save the show.

TV Guide Editors' Blogs: Mars Fans Aim Sky-high - ...Aww, Ron would be so proud...

LAist: It's a Bird…It's a Plane…It's Veronica Mars - ...we have to admire the tenacity of Veronica Mars fans...

SMRT-TV: A Time to Cancel, A Time to Renew (Link no longer active) - ...a member of the "Cloud Watchers" Save Veronica Mars campaign, wrote in to report on the incredible variety of activities fans are engaging in to save this show...

Seattle PI: Things you might want to know about, part II (Link no longer active) - That's right, guys. You tell 'em!

Pop Culture Junkies : Veronica Mars Has Some Mega-Fans

Tube Talk: Veronica Mars campaign and season finale

Random Acts of Television: There's more! - The folks behind the Look to the Skies campaign which I detailed in my earlier post sent out mailings to CW execs today, particularly the all-powerful Dawn Ostroff head of the CW network.

Random Acts of Television: Look to the Skies!!! - No one can ever say that Veronica Mars fans aren't intensely loyal.

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