What's So Great About VM?

Based on television ratings, chances are you have never heard of Veronica Mars. Or maybe you have and you think it isn't the show for you. But chances are the creators of your favorite shows are already watching.

The writers of Grey's Anatomy watch Veronica Mars. So do the creators of How I Met Your Mother, Lost, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

More a movie guy/gal? Kevin Smith digs the show:

"If you haven't seen this show, good God, get your hands on the Season One box set... In a lifetime of dedicated television watching, Veronica Mars is easily one of the five best shows I've ever dug... It's proof that tv can be way better than movies."

Even Stephen King is a VM fan:

"Veronica Mars takes the nifty notion of doing a contemporary makeover on Nancy Drew, girl detective, and gives it a beguiling, sassily intelligent pop noir spin...I can't take my eyes off the damn thing!"

Don't miss out on the show the creators of your favorite shows are watching.