Remembering VM

Posted by: spadada Jun 15, 2007

Buy a t-shirt in this new fan-created store and donate $5 to Invisible Children in honor of the cast and crew of Veronica Mars.


We'll Never Forget

Posted by: spadada May 17, 2007

Despite our best efforts, Veronica Mars was canceled today.

Though other groups have expressed a desire to continue to campaign for renewal, Cloud Watchers has decided to accept this as the end.

After we have had time to mourn, we plan to put our efforts toward a charity donation drive for Invisible Children.

Streets: Taken

Posted by: spadada Apr 30, 2007

30,000 flyers advertising the show's May 1st return have now been plastered all over LA, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this impressive grassroots marketing campaign.

Take to the Streets!

Posted by: spadada Mar 17, 2007

The VM Flyer Campaign is officially launched!

- Check out the flyer
- Read all about the plan
- Join a street team

Cloud Watchers Campaigns in the News

Posted by: spadada Feb 14, 2007

Pick up the latest issue of Geek Monthly magazine (the one with Kristen Bell on the cover) and read about the work you and other diehard VM fans have done to save our favorite show from cancellation. Click here to read an excerpt from this and over 50 other media mentions of various Cloud Watchers campaigns.

Site Updates

Posted by: spadada Feb 4, 2007

Check out the updated DVD Drive section of the site. We have also added a list of episode abbreviations to the "New to VM?" section and the final talley of profits to the Café Press Sales Report.

Win a Veronica Mars Walk-On Role!

Posted by: Maka Jan 21, 2007

According to an announcement in the VM forum at Television Without Pity dot com, a VM walk-on role will be raffled off for a good cause. U.S. Vets, an organization which provides help for homeless veterans, will be raffling the role for just $25 a ticket! There's NO limit on the number of tickets you can buy. Ticket sales will be available until February 16, 2007.

VM Season 3 on iTunes!

Posted by: Maka Dec 13, 2006

The 3rd season of VM is now available for download through iTunes. For just $1.99 per episode, or $34.99 for a "season pass" of the show, you can have season 3 episodes on demand. This is great news for fans of the show! Maybe if VM does well on iTunes, The CW won't be so reliant on ratings to judge the success of the show. Also, full episodes download in just a few minutes, depending on your internet connection. Note that you do not need an iPod in order to watch episodes, you just need to download the free iTunes software.

Raffle winner!

Posted by: spadada Nov 28, 2006

Leslie H. of Bartlesville, OK is the big winner in the Original Script Raffle!

If you bought tickets, but your name is not Leslie H. and you do not live in OK, all is not yet lost. We will draw a new number every Tuesday during the winter hiatus.

Check back here every Tuesday afternoon to find out who won and what prize they chose!

REMINDER Script Raffle Ending!

Posted by: Maka Nov 26, 2006

Raffle tickets must be purchased by 9 AM EST on Monday, November 27, 2006. The winner of the script and other prizes will be announced before Episode 9 airs on Tuesday November 28th.

Veronica Mars gets a full 3rd season! (Almost.)

Posted by: Maka Nov 17, 2006

VM has gotten a back 7 pick up, meaning its 3rd season will be a total of 20 episodes, rather than the initial partial order of 13. Alan Sepinwall first broke the news in his blog late Thursday night. Congrats go out to the VM cast and crew, and to all of the fans who love the show!


Posted by: spadada Nov 11, 2006

Click here to find out how you could win an original VM script signed by Rob Thomas and the cast.

The CW wants your suggestions!

Posted by: Maka Nov 2, 2006

The CW is asking for viewer suggestions on how to improve the network, this is your chance to show your support for Veronica Mars. Go to The CW Source and post a comment about how much you want a full 3rd season for VM. While you're in there, go ahead and give them any other tips that you think might help the show, or the net as a whole. They asked, might as well give them what they want!

S3 Premiere Parties!

Posted by: spadada Oct 1, 2006

Don't forget, there are groups of fans getting together across the country (and Canada) to celebrate the start of the third season of Veronica Mars. Where will you be this Tuesday night? If there is a VM Viewing Party in your area, you should check it out! Check the map then look your city up in the forums or send us an email and we will put you in touch with your city's host(ess).

VM DVD Drive Goal Reached!

Posted by: Maka Sep 13, 2006

Yep. It's true. VM fans rock. Our goal of donating 500, yes 500, Season 1 sets of Veronica Mars to libraries has indeed been reached. Go team! Visit the DVD section for details. Thank you to everyone involved.

Season 3 Opener To Stream Online

Posted by: Maka Aug 31, 2006

News is Veronica Mars' 3rd Season Premiere will be available for EARLY online viewing. will host the season 3 opener, free of charge, starting September 26. MSN will continue to host the new episode until its on-air premiere of October 3. A few other CW network shows will also be hosted on MSN for free. TV Guide has a little more about this scoop.

Press Release: 8/22/06

Posted by: Maka Aug 22, 2006

Our campaign sent out a Press Release detailing the VM DVD Drive for Libraries so far. Read it here. Launched

Posted by: Maka Aug 18, 2006 has partnered with two other VM sites, & to create Why? Because we want more people to watch this frickin' show already! Maybe having a nice and easy place new fans can go to get involved with fandom might help? Well, we do hope to bring more VM fans together... aw, group hug.

Attention vidders!

Posted by: spadada Aug 15, 2006

Cloud Watchers is on the hunt for the best fan-created video promoting Veronica Mars. Click here for more details on this contest. All entries must be received by September 1st.

DVD Bulk Purchase Made!

Posted by: spadada Aug 7, 2006

Thanks to willdvds on Amazon marketplace, we were able to purchase 100 NEW Season 1 DVD sets, so check back here in the next few days for an update on libraries we have donated DVDs to.

Look at this impressive photo op.

Thanks Will!

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