Cloud Watchers on Livejournal

A lot of work goes into these campaigns. One person has an idea, another person responds, the idea morphs into something better, and soon tons of people are involved. Sometimes these ideas are discussed in our forum and sometimes they get batted around on other boards, but the majority of the work is done in our Livejournal community.

Livejournal does not bite. You should not be afraid. Its mascot is a cute and furry goat. (Wait, do goats bite?)

Wallace: I had it in the guest house and it ate everything: the rug, the sofa, my Air Jordans.

Veronica: And he lived to tell the tale?

Wallace: I don't know what to do with it. It's driving me crazy.

Veronica: Bad kidnapped goat!

Nevermind. Forget the goat. Just come visit us. You can read and respond to Livejournal posts without creating an account, but its free, so why not join up? Then come join our very active Cloud Watchers community. You can weigh in on the latest designs for the store, share ideas with a few hundred like-minded fans, and get frequent campaign updates.