What do I win if my number is drawn?

Two weekend passes to Booser Entertainment's BE Blow Out, a convention in Burbank, CA, August 18-20, and a professional photograph of you, your guest, and Francis Capra, Michael Muhney, and Jason Fucking Dohring.

The event also features actors from the casts of Angel (Lorne!), Buffy (Xander's brother!), and Smallville (Lex Luthor!), but since you love yourself some good ol' boys from Neptune, here are the Veronica Mars-specific highlights:

On Friday at 5:30 there will be an opening ceremony where all the actors in attendance are introduced.

From 10:30-11:00 you can attened the Alien Fashion Show where Michael Muhney and Andy Hallett, from Angel, will be judges.

There will be three question and answer sessions on Saturday, each an hour long, including Men Are From Mars featuring the actors who play Logan Echolls, Sheriff Lamb, and Eil "Weevil" Navarro.

Your weekend pass also gets you into a special autograph session with Francis, Michael, and Jason, and as a bonus, you and your guest will get to be in a group photo with them. (Say "repressed homosexuality!") And both of you will get a copy of the best shot to take home and show off to your friends.

There will be an hour long panel on fan activism that will include a member of the Cloud Watchers team. Go hear what fans from other shows think about the plane and the DVD Drive. Maybe Michael will be in the audience. He is always looking for ways to entice more people into joining Rack of Lamb...

On Sunday there will be more panel discussions between fans and their favorite TV stars including:

Hot Hunks of TV: Michael Muhney and others
Lilly's Boys: Francis Capra and Jason Dohring
Both Sides of The Law: Francis Capra and Michael Muhney

Click here to read the rules and find out how you can purchase tickets just by donating money to the VM DVD Drive.

And if you have some extra money after you win your ticket—since you will be getting a $578 prize for just $10—you could even upgrade your "Men from Mars" experience.

For an additional $109/person, attendees can attend an open bar cocktail party either on Friday or Saturday evening from 7:30 to 9:30. All headlining actors (except Michael Rosenbaum*) will be there, so Jason, Michael, and Francis will all be there, mingling with the guests.

[Michael Rosenbaum wil be holding his own cocktail party Sunday evening. These tickets cost an additional $99/person. There will be less than 50 other fans in the room with you and Lex Luthor, so if you have specific questions for The Rosenbaum (like when is he going to guest star on VM and is Jensen Ackles even hotter in person?) this would be a well spent hundred dollars. Plus, free drinks!]