Librarians Have Spoken...

Quotes from grateful librarians before DVD sets were even sent out:

"Our village library could certainly use these DVDs. A strong teen character, good father figure and good friends in one show are hard to find in these times. While we have some movies geared to that age group, these would be a worthwhile additon to our collection. Hoping that our library is fortunate enough to be included in these donated set. Thank you for your consideration."

~ Fond du Lac, WI

"Our library is very interested in this series. Rob Thomas was from the Austin area originally, and we have been big fans of his for a long time. We promise to circulate the series and will be ever grateful. We have a very limited budget ($2500) for DVDs and very high circulation numbers - at any given time, 80% of the collection is out! We also have a fabulous young adult summer reading program, and this series is one of their favorites.Thanks for considering us."

~ Georgetown, TX

"I am the young adult librarian in Hamden, CT. and this library is very interested in being considered as a recipient for the free Veronica Mars DVD's. We can guarantee that they will be circulating copies. The new middle school will be opening almost right next door to the library in September, so I'm sure they will be eagerly received. Please consider us as a receipient. Thanks in advance."

~ Hamden, CT

"I am a fan of the show myself and I am sure others will become fans as well. Thank you for the opportunity to receive the DVDs."

~ Metairie, LA

And thank yous after receiving the set:

"Thank you very much. These will be the first DVDs to begin our collection again after we lost everything to Hurricane Katrina."

~ Metairie, LA

"WOW - it arrived today! This is marvelous! We would like to put a "bookplate" on the DVD case somewhere crediting the donation. Who would you like to say that it is from? Can you give me a suggestion as to the wording? This item will be circulating by the end of the week!"

~ Georgetown, TX

"Wanted to thank you & tell you how cool it is what you and other 'Veronica Mars' fans are doing. French Lick is a small, rural community in the poorest county in the state, BUT we have a community that loves the library. 'Veronica Mars' will be watched by MANY 1st timers. What you and the others are doing has given me something to smile about. Thank you!!"

~ French Lick, IN

"MANY THANKS!!! for the great donation of Season 1 to the Sacramento Public Library. We've added all 3 new copies and Veronica is flying off the shelf!!!! We appreciate it, and hopefully it will create a gang of new fans!"

~ Sacramento, CA