All Three "Men from Mars" for just $10

You: $10? Really? You can't even go to the movies for ten dollars. What is the the prize worth, like $50 bucks?

Cloud Watchers: $578 actually.

You: Wow. What does the winner get?

CW: Two weekend passes to Booser Entertainment's BE Blow Out, a convention in Burbank, CA, August 18-20, and a professional photo shoot with the actors who play Logan Echolls, Sheriff Lamb, and Weevil Navarro.

You: OMG! How do I buy tickets?

CW: Unfortunately, you can't. Ticket sales closed at midnight on July 27th. We wanted to make sure that the lucky fan had at least three weeks to make the neccessary arrangements.

You: That makes sense. Because airfare and accomodations aren't included, right? That would cost way more than $600 bucks!

CW: Yep. Booster Entertainment donated the weekend passes and the tickets to the "Men from Mars" photoshoot, but the winner will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the event as well as finding a place to stay in Burbank.

You: Wow. That is going to be one happy fangirl or boy. And you guys must have gotten rich selling those tickets.

CW: Actually, people entered the raffle by donating $10/ticket to the VM DVD Drive. So even the people who didn't win, won. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, we can buy an additional 10 sets of Season 1 DVDs and donate them to libraries in the Top 100 Nielsen markets!