Cafe Press Sales Report

In the nine months that the Cloud Watchers Cafe Press shop was open for business, fans spent over $33,000 on over 2,450 items. The details of those orders are below.


Since Cafe Press has a 30-day return policy, there is a 45-day waiting period between the last day of the month within which each commission check is made and when it is sent to the store owner. Commission made from sales in December will not be paid out until February 15th, etc. As of October 1, 2006, all Everwood merchandise is being sold at cost, so no commission will be earned from the sale of those items.

January: Items: 463; Sales: $5,485.76; Commission: $904.80
December: Items: 459; Sales: $5,870.67; Commission: $848.50
November: Items: 155; Sales: $1,690.35; Commission: $243.20
October: Items: 66; Sales: $640.25; Commission: $98.20
September: Items: 184; Sales: $1,882.25; Commission: $324.91
August: Items: 184; Sales: $1,808.29; Commission: $368.99
July: Items: 268; Sales: $2,839.98; Commission: $534.20
June: Items: 557; Sales: $6,606.82; Commission: $1,105.60
May: Items: 129; Sales: $2,109.21; Commission: $255.40

Volume Bonus

In addition to commission, our store earns bonuses once we sell over $250 in base price sales per month. The "Volume Bonus" is calculated in tiers based on the total amount of money spent in the store that month (not including markup/commission). Like commission, Volume Bonus checks are processed 45 days after all sales in that month have been completed. All money earned through the Volume Bonus Program will be donated to the VM DVD Drive.

January: $731.66 (to be paid March 15)
December: $826.33 (to be paid February 15)
November: $158.60 (to be paid January 15)
October: $27.32 (paid December 15)
September: $184.84 (paid November 15)
August: $170.90 (paid October 15)
July: $290.28 (paid September 15)
June: $897.83 (paid August 15)
May: $218.43 (paid July 15)

Total Projected Donations to VM DVD Drive: $8,189.49
Total Donations to Project Ferris Wheel: $402.00