The Rules

This is a contest, but we have not determined the prize yet. And there may be more than one winner. We would love to buy the winner(s) something snazzy, but we spent all our money on DVDs. There will be a banner, of course, that you can proudly display on your website, blog, or refrigerator... and we will play the winning promo(s) on our website. We will also do our best to spread the winning video(s) all over the internet. Beyond that, you may have to be happy with fame and glory.

You can submit your video by:

  1. Uploading it to You Tube and then leaving a comment in this post in our LiveJournal Community or this post in Neptune Video. Just link us to your video on You Tube.
  2. Upload your video to a file sharing site, like Send Space, then send us an email and we will upload it to YT for you.

There is no rule against cross-posting vids in other communities.

All entries must be received by September 1st.

When all entries are completed, members of cloud watchers will vote on their favorites. You must be a member of the community to vote, so if you haven't joined the community yet, join now! (You don't have to be a member of the community to submit an entry however, just to vote.)

If the CW ever goes ahead with their contest for fan-created promos, VM vidders will be ready!