Watch The Show!

One way to catch up is to watch the most recent episodes. If you can't wait for the DVDs, Season Three episodes can be purchased from iTunes individually for $1.99/each or by securing a season pass for $34.99. You don't need an iPod or even a Mac to use iTunes, just download the free software. Once you open it, search the music store for "Veronica Mars" or come back here and click this link.

If you want the full back story, the best way to get it is first hand. Season 1 came out on DVD on October 11, 2005; Season 2 on August 22, 2006. (The tentative release date for Season 3 is October 23, 2007.) If you can't afford to buy them, order the discs through Netflix. Or if you're really broke, check your local library.

If you are thinking of purchasing a set of VM DVDs, please consider making your purchase from through the links at left. For every purchase made through those links, we'll get a small percentage of what you spent, and we'll put that money right back into the VM DVD drive!